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November 18, 2008

Fr. Tony Seel: What Went Wrong (in Central New York)

from Fr. Tony’s DCNY Blog
hat tip: transfigurations

I can’t help wondering what went so horribly wrong in the episcopate of Skip Adams. Fr. Kennedy at Stand Firm linked to Adams’ convention address and some of the statements in that address are astounding. How can the bishop tell the story that he tells about two of the desert fathers and not see his own acts of ungenerosity toward those who have left the DCNY? I’m sure that he would respond that he has a fiduciary responsibility to the DCNY and that’s why he sued St. Andrew’s in Syracuse and is now suing Church of the Good Shepherd in Binghamton. You would think that someone who told a story about generosity like that might reflect on their own lack of generosity.

Later in his address Adams turns the words of Jacques Ellul on their head as he tries to make a point about religion, morality and Christianity. I have commented on this in an earlier post and so I won’t do it again here.

Adams appears to be lashing out against opponents who are no longer in the DCNY. Why does he do this? I think that he has some guilt about the straits that he has led the diocese into. He realizes that his vote in 2003 has brought an enormous amount of ill to the DCNY. So, although St. Andrew’s, Syracuse, St. Andrew’s, Vestal and Church of the Good Shepherd are no longer part of the DCNY, the bishop has some perverse need to keep beating up on those who have left his flock.


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