March 23, 2017

July 9, 2009

Live Blog From the Floor of the House of Deputies…joint discussion of human sexuality

Okay well this is utterly boring…a long series of procedural votes which I have proceeded to lose because I did not save a document that has now escaped into the ether. Trust me though, you are better served not to have read it unless you are interested in parliamentary procedure. This is not at all what I expected to watch this evening and I have to leave, unfortunately, for the nightly broadcast so if something interesting does happen, I will miss it.

They are presently voting for officers for the Pension Fund. A deputy asked whether they might dispense with mundane business and get on with the “Special Order”.

The Chair said “no”.

The special order was supposed to take place at 5pm.

The special order is, I believe, the corporate discussion of human sexuality.

I am hoping that it will be filmed otherwise we will miss it since I have to get to my next assignment, but there is a second session scheduled that I will do my best to blog…for now I’ve got to close this thread and get going.

David: thanks Matt - now hurry off to your next gig, there’s more work for you to do… tongue laugh

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Wow, Matt!  You really get around….must be because you aren’t carrying thos heavy press credentials around with you!!

[1] Posted by Liz Forman on 7-9-2009 at 06:42 PM · [top]

You rock, Fr. Matt!!  Keep on keeping on, and I pray someone will bring you a cup (no bottles allowed I hear) of nice cool water to keep your fingers hydrated.  Grace and Peace to you!

[2] Posted by Deacon Francie on 7-9-2009 at 06:58 PM · [top]

Well so far this is turning out to be not what I thought it would be…lots of boring procedural votes which will be posted momentarily…and I have to leave for the SF evening broadcast soon…I’ll be the interesting part starts just as I leave

[3] Posted by Matt Kennedy on 7-9-2009 at 07:00 PM · [top]

B033 discussion just started.

[4] Posted by Kendall Harmon on 7-9-2009 at 07:26 PM · [top]

Kendall….any other blogs/websites covering it live?

[5] Posted by Liz Forman on 7-9-2009 at 07:39 PM · [top]

Never mind…found it on T19.


I think that Sarah, Greg and Matt are having their review of the day live streaming back here at SFIF at 10pm EDT….

[6] Posted by Liz Forman on 7-9-2009 at 07:42 PM · [top]

Liz, so far I am following it in comments on my blog but I am concerned my feed will go down.

[7] Posted by Kendall Harmon on 7-9-2009 at 07:45 PM · [top]

Babyblue is following it via her blog with occasional updates

[8] Posted by tjmcmahon on 7-9-2009 at 07:51 PM · [top]

right now, on their webcast, it looks like an 800 person indaba (tm).

[9] Posted by tjmcmahon on 7-9-2009 at 07:57 PM · [top]

What I don’t understand is how Matt is reporting to us but is not have correspondent credentials.  I thought TEC had armed guards at every door to keep him out.  I don’t understand.  Did he put on a wig and disguise himself as Sarah?

[10] Posted by Bill C on 7-9-2009 at 08:17 PM · [top]

I watched it until they just finished….They went into small group discussion session (see Kendall’s blog), and then they came back out of it, made announcements and closed.  I heard music start to play in the background, and thought…“Wow!  A Praise Song….”  Wrong!!! “We Are Family” by The Pointer Sisters was blasting out of the speakers instead.  I think that pretty much sums up the focus of the meeting.

[11] Posted by Liz Forman on 7-9-2009 at 08:23 PM · [top]

What I don’t understand is how Matt is reporting to us but is not have correspondent credentials.

I believe Fr. Kennedy trained as Airborne.  End of story as can be told online in this forum.

[12] Posted by James Manley on 7-9-2009 at 08:25 PM · [top]

Bill C-
I think all the credentials would let him do is to ask questions at news conferences.  The public meetings are open to visitors.  He is a visitor.  A visitor with terrific typing speed.  You have to give him a lot of credit, he is probably not real popular with 95% of the bishops and delegates.
Matt is, after all, at GC.  3/4 of the people in the room are in open violation of some canon or other.  So, to fit in, he had to break some rule, and the credential thing was convenient.
Credentials?  Matt doesn’t need no stinkin’ credentials.

[13] Posted by tjmcmahon on 7-9-2009 at 08:35 PM · [top]

tjm:  OR>  The PB forgot to write a new canon explicitely banning Matt from the events.

But ... thanks.

[14] Posted by Bill C on 7-10-2009 at 09:33 AM · [top]

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