February 27, 2017

March 7, 2012

Anglican1000 Live-blogs and Today’s Agenda

Here are my live-blogs from yesterday’s plenary at Anglican1000 including Fr. Roseberry’s talk. Today I’ll be live-blogging the second and third plenaries featuring talks by David Taylor and Mike Breen and hopefully I’ll be able to live blog Scot McKnight’s sermon at the Eucharist this evening. I had a chance to read McKnight’s book, “The King Jesus Gospel” on the flight down (since we were in planes for a total of 9 hours or so). It was a good book and very helpful in identifying some negative trends in evangelicalism, namely the focus on producing individual “decisions” for Christ rather than making disciples of Christ. I do however, agree with Michael Horton’s review of The King Jesus Gospel. Scot McKnight’s critique of John Piper and the “new Calvinism” is uninformed to say the least and by drawing too sharp a distinction between Justification by Faith and the good news that Jesus has fulfilled Israel’s God-given mission, he risks dividing what God has joined together. All the same, it was a good book that helpfully forces readers to rethink the nature of the gospel and it’s presentation. So I’d encourage you to pick up a copy.

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Hello Fr. Matt, thank you for doing all this! Do you know if they are going to be posting an audio of the plenaries later on?
Yours in Christ,

[1] Posted by Jacobsladder on 3-7-2012 at 04:51 PM · [top]

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the encouragement.

I don’t know.

There are only live-blogs at this point.

[2] Posted by Matt Kennedy on 3-7-2012 at 05:07 PM · [top]

Thanks for the blogs that you were able to get to…hope you will provide some commentary at some point in time…my group from the Houston/Spring/Woodlands area enjoyed the conference.  Did see you there through the first part of the service on Thursday evening, but you seemed too busy to bother even with a simple howdy.

[3] Posted by johnp on 3-10-2012 at 09:55 PM · [top]

There were so many uplifting moments for me at this conference and I was grateful after having passed the opportunity to attend the AMIA Winter Conference 30 minutes from my home/work/church.  I was particularly excited to see the progress being made to create our diocese in formation…as we meet with the Bishop who will take us under his wing until we have finished the process of creating constitutions and canons.  We have largely completed the process of letters dimissory, credential confirmation and are in the process of completing vestry/congregation votes to join.  We should have the ASA to become our own diocese almost instantly and provided that enough of our fellow churches in the Texas/LA and surrounding areas join us (they do have the option of going straight to another diocese like Ft. Worth or of joining the Rwanda affiliated movement) we should be able to meet the number of congregation requirements instantly as well…if not we certainly got lots of guidance on church planting and should be able to get those up to speed within a year or so.  Bottom line the excitement of being around ACNA and this church planting mentality is reinvigorating.  I wish the best to all of the former AMIA churches out there whatever pathway they select.  May God make us fruitful so that the kingdom continues to be multiplied.

[4] Posted by johnp on 3-11-2012 at 07:32 PM · [top]

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