March 23, 2017

May 2, 2012

We Heart Science and Reason

The conservative blogger Allahpundit, himself an atheist, takes apart a bit of “science” presented at a blog called, well, Live Science.

The Live Science piece is entitled “Atheists More Motivated by Compassion than the Faithful.”  Read it once.  Read it twice.  OK, it’s saying that some kind of research shows that atheists are more compassionate than believers, right?

Except that Allahpundit’s piece on Hot Air digs in and shows that it says nothing of the kind.  The statistics in the original article actually show that atheists require compassion in order to give charitably - they need to have strong emotional reaction to a person, cause or situation in order to open their wallets.  Believers are more inclined to give as a discipline.

Allahpundit then opens up other published stats on giving, and lays out the inconvenient truth:

Religious practice by itself is associated with $1,388 more given per year than we would expect to see from a secular person (with the same political views, income, education, age, race, and other characteristics), as well as with 6.5 more occasions of volunteering.

That quote is just a short summary of detailed stats showing “dramatic” differences between religious and secular givers.

First, props to Allahpundit for going where the stats lead, even at the expense of his own team.

More importantly, I continue to say “(Expletive) you” to the brainless mob now claiming, “We’re not a brainless mob like Christians.  We believe in science and reason!”  The science ‘n’ reason crowd are just as ideological and unscientific as anybody they critique, not surprising since so many of them are kids who think the 101 level courses they just took give them unique command of reality.  And judging from the headline at Live Science, their team is not above know-nothing denial and lying in the face of evidence they don’t like.

And since I’m giving props to Allahpundit for honesty, let me be honest and confess that “(Expletive) you” is a failure as a Christian response.  Having a bad day here.



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I’m with you, Timothy+. Sometimes the truth demands strong words.
desert padre

[1] Posted by desertpadre on 5-2-2012 at 12:51 PM · [top]

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