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July 12, 2012

The Gospel of Barack Hussein Obama According to Mark

That’s not my title. That’s the title of a self-published book by the Rev. Mark F. Bozzuti-Jones, priest for pastoral care at Trinity Church Wall Street. You can find the book at Amazon, and it raises a question: is Bozzuti-Jones the finest satirist since Swift, or is he a candidate for a rubber room? I’ve read the opening pages, and I genuinely can’t tell. It is so over the top that I can’t believe it isn’t satire, but the writer is a classic TEC lefty. Here’s the blurb at Amazon:

“The Gospel of Barack Hussein Obama According to Mark” is designed to initiate the reader into a meditation on what it means to be human, what it means to be a manifestation of God, and how Barack Obama is a unique and important manifestation of God’s desire for human flourishing. In a blend of words from his public speeches, imagined conversation, and fictional situations, the book highlights Obama’s real stance on social justice and, in particular, economic and political empowerment. It juxtaposes ancient Biblical form and contemporary reality, challenging the reader to see and seek God in all persons. “Our life-defining texts must be porous and we must be imaginative in our engagement with them. Let this book be a reminder not to so credit sacred texts or cultural icons that they lead us to hatred and violence in the name of God. When we see the Divine in another, we must name it. We must respect it. The practice demands nothing less than Love.” Mark F. Bozzuti-Jones, Author

The effort at pulling our leg continues at Trinity Wall Street:

The book comes from Bozzuti-Jones’ incarnational theology. “I think oftentimes, as Christians and as a world, we don’t give sufficient credit to what it means to be born in the image and likeness of God. I think if more human beings could see the divine in the other, they could recognize that human beings can point to the divine in each other.” 

How does one read the book? Perhaps it helps to think of it as genre literature, meant to inspire and teach. “The gospel is a kind of a genre: it’s poetry, it’s imagery, it’s metaphor at their best.”

Bozzuti-Jones doesn’t equate his book with the four gospels in the Christian Bible. “There are other gospels and the early church decided that these weren’t legitimate enough. I guess you could say that my gospel falls into the subset of not-legitimate-enough, but on close examination I think what this book does is gives the theologically savvy person an insight into how the original gospel writers saw Jesus and how they put his words together in a way that made theological sense.”

Go to Amazon, and click on the “Look Inside!” button. Read the first few pages, a weird conglomeration of the creation and nativity stories, with Obama playing a key role as The One born to a virgin (!). Then come back, and please tell me: is this satire, or have we really got the start of a new religion in the works?

(Tom Crowe of writes about this book today. He says, “I’m pretty sure this book is really trying to be what it says it is. Otherwise it is a deadly brilliant parody that exceeds even The Onion proportions.”)

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David, it is a religion, but it’s not exactly new. It started when he published his biography for his first campaign. Back then, I documented that fact with this picture, stemming from right after O’s election.

[1] Posted by A. S. Haley on 7-12-2012 at 01:35 PM · [top]

Are delusions contagious? Re President Obama as God: I don’t think God has such big ears. He certainly doesn’t need them to hear us and I would guess He finds much of what He hears these days distressing, although God may well find this book amusing.

[2] Posted by Don+ on 7-12-2012 at 01:46 PM · [top]

Lord, in Your Mercy, help us.

[3] Posted by ammakate on 7-12-2012 at 05:11 PM · [top]

I hope this is another literary time-delay torpedo sent below the waterline of the Left, something not unlike Professor Alan Sokal’s “Social Text” affair, whereby a fine professor of physics submitted a paper to a Duke University journal that purported to use postmodern literary tools to deconstruct quantum mechanics and, if I remember correctly, the very concept of gravity.  The piece was published and lauded by the LitCrit chattering classes, but subsequently revealed by the author himself to be nonsensical gibberish.

[4] Posted by Jeffersonian on 7-12-2012 at 10:08 PM · [top]

On page two O is called incarnated, anointed and in the norm of Islam the author says sages and prophets predicted his coming, peace be upon them. By page 3 supposedly God is speaking to his mother - just like God did to Mary. Satire? I could hope, but we know what sounds like satire to the rational orthodox mind is usually truth according to TEC. Can crowning the false Messiah be far behind?

[5] Posted by Festivus on 7-13-2012 at 07:36 AM · [top]

Ya’ll understand that Obama has added himself into some of the White House historical documents, right?

He really does believe that he is a great President, and that all the problems around him aren’t his fault, if only eveyone would just do what he says…

VERY SCARY STUFF.  Maybe even scarier is that folks are so easily deceived by him and others like him - sheeple.

Very much like the delegates at the convention NOT HAVING A CLUE what the Bible says about homosexuality - how did our great nation become so darn IGNORANT??

[6] Posted by B. Hunter on 7-13-2012 at 08:06 AM · [top]

Re [6] “ did our great nation become so darn IGNORANT?”

We worked at it.

[7] Posted by Don+ on 7-13-2012 at 10:22 AM · [top]

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