March 24, 2017

December 23, 2012

A Song of Thanksgiving

I suppose I like this for all the creatures who offer thanksgiving through their creation and their existence. I want to do the same.

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Today I preached on the lesson from Hebrews, celebrating that Christ shared our flesh and blood, and the Gospel of Luke in which John the Baptist leaps in Elizabeth’s womb when Mary, bearing Jesus, draws near.

My point was that the whole creation, down to levels we can’t see (I called them the invisible legos that snap together to form an atom) is connected and rejoices in the saving work of God.

I use a screen (sorry) and had a slide show of some of those great in utero pics of various critters - dolphin, elephant, etc. - leading up to a human ultrasound.  The slides started with the verse from Hebrews and ended with the verse about John the Baptist leaping in his mother’s womb.

[1] Posted by Timothy Fountain on 12-23-2012 at 07:17 PM · [top]


Wish I could have been there!

Merry Christmas to you an all of yours!


[2] Posted by Fr. Chip, SF on 12-23-2012 at 11:28 PM · [top]

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