March 24, 2017

January 30, 2013

David on the Dividing Line (Alpha and Omega Ministries) on Thursday

Tomorrow afternoon local time I have the privilege of being on the Dividing Line, the webcast of Dr James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries. We’ll be chatting about all things Anglican and also turning our mind to some recent statements in the public arena on abortion.

The show will be 3:30pm Thursday Mountain Time in the US, which is 10:30pm in London and 9:30am Friday in Sydney. I’ll be sure to add the audio to my podcast too and, of course, to post it up here.

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Thanks for making this available.  Dr. White and Reformed Baptists in general spend an awful lot of time trying to ‘├žonvert’ Catholics.  I do, however, agree with him on other issues and appreciate the manner in which he debates his opponents. Two of the best debates I listened to was Dr. White Vs Bart Erhman and Dr. White Vs John Dominic Crossan (Jesus Seminar).

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