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February 27, 2013

Catholic Expert Details ‘Huge Homosexual Underground in the Church’

That there is a huge homosexual faction in the Roman Catholic Church - and that it’s well-organized and up to no good - is no secret, and there’s a debate to be had about how ‘underground’ it really is, but it’s encouraging to see the church continuing to confront it, and equally encouraging to see Catholic-friendly sites like LifeSiteNews covering it. Longtime readers here at Stand Firm will also recognize this particular pattern:

They know well, however, that they may be exposed and embarrassed, so they shield one another by offering mutual support. They build informal relationships reminding of a clique or even mafia, aim at holding particularly those positions which offer power and money.

When they achieve a decision-making position, they try to promote and advance mostly those whose nature is similar to theirs, or at least who are known to be too weak to oppose them. This way, leading positions in the Church may be held by people suffering from deep internal wounds.

They may actually achieve a dominating position in many areas of church hierarchy, become a “backroom elite” which actually has tremendous power in deciding about important nominations and the whole life of the Church. Indeed, they may even prove to be too powerful for honest, well-meaning bishops.

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Wow, that quoted excerpt could just as easily describe closeted homosexuals within the Anglo-Catholic wing of Anglicanism.  There is irony in the fact that some of those Anglo-Catholics have recently gone to Rome through the Ordinariate.  But a great many also remain in the flagship Anglo-Catholic parishes in East Coast cities in the US as well as in the UK.

[1] Posted by radrector on 2-27-2013 at 10:01 PM · [top]

Fr. Andrew Greeley, liberal Catholic priest, sociologist, and author of soft porn mystery novels, once claimed that the gay network in the archdiocese of Chicago had gone so far as to engineer a murder to protect their interests.  If it’s not true, it could be.  Once you have abandoned Christ, or substituted the form of religion for the power of Faith, anything goes.

[2] Posted by Words Matter on 2-27-2013 at 11:02 PM · [top]

As it becomes clear that the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church is related to the gay conspiracy within the church, I wonder how the mainstream media will react. Will they quietly bury coverage of priestly sexual abuse? Or will they continue their attacks on the Catholic Church, even at the risk of discrediting their phony, poster-child image of homosexuals?

[3] Posted by Roland on 2-28-2013 at 04:25 PM · [top]

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