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March 14, 2013

All the World’s a Stage

For some cartoon-like politicians, holding public office is akin being an actor in a Shakespearean play in which you get to mouth world-famous words without necessarily understanding what they mean. Case in point: Colorado state Senator Pat Steadman, who threw a bit of the Bard into the legislative debate over establishing civil unions for homosexuals. John Stonestreet of BreakPoint girds up his codpiece and writes:

In response to concerns about the bill’s potential impact on religious freedom, he replied, “This bill does not reach into anyone’s church or mosque or synagogue. You can have all the free exercise there that you want.” He then added, “Don’t claim religion as a reason the law should discriminate.”

From there, he stopped pulling punches altogether. Anyone wanting a religious exemption, he said, should “get thee to a nunnery. ... Go live a monastic life, away from modern society ... away from the people you can’t see as equals to yourself. Away from the stream of commerce where you might have to serve them, or employ them, or rent banquet halls to them.  Go some place and be as judgmental as you like. Go inside your church, establish separate water fountains, if you want. But don’t claim that free exercise of religion requires the state of Colorado to establish separate water fountains for her citizens.”

Brings to mind a passage from the Scottish play:

But I remember now
I am in this earthly world, where to do harm
Is often laudable, to do good sometime
Accounted dangerous folly.

—Lady MacDuff, MacBeth, Act 4, Scene 2

And where to speak stupidly and with hate inspired
Is inevitable in a politician drunk on power.

—Fischler, made up on the spur of the moment

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What form would an exemption take? Is this bill trying to force churches to have a “marriage” ceremony for homosexuals? Does it include other violations of conscience with regards to conducting business, as when the New Mexico Christian photographer got fined for not wanting to photograph a lesbian “wedding”? Or the bakers who refused to make a “gay” wedding cake or rainbow cookies for an activist rally? That seems to be the tenor of Steadman’s remarks about “stream of commerce”.

I get it. Your right not to participate in a perverted redefinition of marriage is the same as the State (positively) establishing “separate drinking fountains”.
Therefore in order to stop the state from doing that, it must take away your right to conduct your business and religious life according to your conscience.

[1] Posted by SpongJohn SquarePantheist on 3-14-2013 at 01:52 PM · [top]

He is one of eight openly LGBT members of the Colorado General Assembly and was not initially elected but was selected to fill Sen. Jennifer Veiga’s (also gay) post when she resigned in 2009. He won re-election. (from Wikipedia)

Yep, all the world’s a stage, and all the politicians are actors, and some of the actors are…

Oops there I go with all those stereotypes about actors…

Sorry. ;-(

[2] Posted by Undergroundpewster on 3-14-2013 at 01:56 PM · [top]

“Don’t claim religion as a reason the law should discriminate.”

Don’t claim your personal sexual urges as some sort of uber-right to redefine words and take away people’s right to conduct their lives according to their conscience.

These people are so massively dishonest and vile. And yet people must buy into their nonsense, else they would not still be peddling it.

[3] Posted by SpongJohn SquarePantheist on 3-15-2013 at 09:16 AM · [top]

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