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March 26, 2013

Illegal Immigration and the Pesky GOP Base

More from RedState:

But there are two fundamental flaws with every proposal – form the House and Senate Gang of Ochos to the Rand Paul Gang of Uno.

First, enforcement is not a legislative problem; it is an administrative problem, and to some extent, a judicial problem.  How can Republicans float a ‘legalization for enforcement’ deal while Obama is refusing to enforce any law, is letting criminal aliens out of jail, and is suing states for enforcing laws?  Why are they agreeing to concessions without a parallel commitment from Obama to build the physical fence, pursuant to the law passed in 2006?

Hence, the entire premise of amnesty for enforcement in the current climate of lawlessness is as vacuous as the promise of spending cuts in exchange for tax hikes.  You can only ‘trust but verify’ if there’s something or someone to trust.  And what are you going to do if we all agree that the points of entry are not secure after the legalized status has been granted?  Will anyone seriously invalidate the visas in the probationary status?  Unless the amnesty component is passed after the enforcement has already been implemented, effective, and cleared with the courts, we will have another wave of illegal immigration to take advantage of the probationary status.

Second, how to we prevent any legalization, albeit with some limitations, from turning into a bidding war with Democrats, with those limitations becoming the next goal post and political football?  Once they become legal, there is no practical way Republicans could prevent them from benefiting from the welfare state in short order.  In 2007, Robert Rector estimated that the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill would cost roughly $2.6 trillion.  Remember that was before the gutting of welfare reform and the massive eligibility expansions under Obama.

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As I’ve said before:  I spent thousands of dollars on an immigration attorney, and about a year talking with a machine, to bring my fiance’ over to the States in 2005.  It all came down to ONE question:  “Do you promise to support this woman for at least seven years after she enters the country, EVEN if your relationship goes south?” 

To accuse the INS of ineptitude, is unfair to inept people.  To accuse the INS of unfairness, is inept. 

My proposal is simple - let in everyone with a sponsor, and hold the sponsor accountable if things don’t work out.  That way worked fine for my grandfather, who emigrated from Holland early in the last century.  He went on to sponsor one or two more families from the old country.  One of those families ran a bakery.

[1] Posted by J Eppinga on 3-26-2013 at 04:13 PM · [top]

Dear #1, I think your proposal will fail based on one word, “accountable”.  We don’t do that in this country anymore.  Surely you got the memo [sarcaasm off].

Our church works with some legal guest workers.  They are a good group and cause no trouble and worry about their families back home and are just trying to make some real money for a better life. 

All we see in Washington is posturing over ideology, there is no leadership proposing what is good for this country, what might be a Christian thing to do as a member of this globe.  Just posturing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,name an issue, just posturing.

Hardly a day goes by I don’t take a glance at the Declaration of Independence.

[2] Posted by Capt. Father Warren on 3-26-2013 at 05:45 PM · [top]

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