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June 13, 2013

In Other News, the Sky is Orange

Antonios Kieropolous is the Associate General Secretary for International Affairs and Peace at the National Council of Churches. I would like to warn all of his friends and co-workers to stay away from him for a while. If the report by Nathaniel Torrey of the Institute on Religion and Democracy is correct (and I have no reason to think it isn’t), there’s serious lightning in Kieropolous’ future:

In a conference on poverty and free markets hosted by St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary and the Acton Institute, Dr. Antonios Kieropolous, the Associate General Secretary for International Affairs and Peace at the National Council of Churches (NCC), claimed that the NCC is not “a left-oriented organization.”  Kieropolous, himself an Orthodox Christian, continues:

“I will say some people, and even some leaders in the NCC, some churches as churches may be considered progressive, but when you have a mix of Orthodox to African-American to mainline American Protestant groups, it is not altogether a left-of-center organization. The organization has never taken a position on anything that is contrary to Orthodox theology or to the Orthodox churches.”

Kieropolous added that this accusation of leftism stems from the NCC historically involvement with opposition to the Vietnam War, Iraq War and “sensible” immigration reform. Additionally, He claims the NCC is maligned for its “insistence on a fair shake for the Palestinians even as we support Israel.”

I read this to my cat, and this was her response:

Yeah, me too.


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This is something I have always found very odd about Orthodox churches.  When I visited the ROC’s administrative centre at Zagorsk in 1988, the first question I was asked about my own church was whether it was a member of the World Council of Churches.  (I could mercifully answer in the negative.)  In the ROC’s case, I think that it is in part a legacy of Soviet times, where the church was to a great extent under the control of the government and the “peace” inclination of NCC and WCC was very much to the Soviet taste.

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As an added note, my account of that visit is here:


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