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July 4, 2013

Egypt, ECUSA and the American People

Unless you are living life sans media, you are likely aware of the happenings in EgyptPundits across the globe are opining on the situation.

Early on, Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood cohorts made all the right noises. In April 2012, as Egypt was preparing for its first elections since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, leading Muslim Brotherhood figures—including the Islamist political group’s chief strategist, Khairat el-Shater—held convivial conversations with a visiting delegation of U.S. lawmakers. As one member of that congressional group reported to me then: “They all go out of their way to say what we want to hear. They are going to fully protect women’s rights, minority rights, the constitutional assembly. They all made great pains to emphasize, without being asked—Shater included—that they will respect all international agreements.”

Above all, Shater, a successful businessman (and at the time Morsi’s superior), and the other Muslim Brotherhood leaders indicated that they wanted to make Egypt prosperous, and to accomplish this they would have to compromise their dreams of immediately installing a narrow form of sharia, or religious rule, as the law of the land.

This is the money quote - at least for me.

They all go out of their way to say what we want to hear.

It is the takeaway that needs to implant itself into our minds and hearts.  Egypt is a land of “if onlys.”  What a shame they did not teach the downfall of the Episcopal church to the youth.  It too was seduced by words.  They confused popularity with love.  They substituted activist propaganda for theology.  They allowed an elected figurehead to become a dictator.  They convinced (or co-opted) the judicial system into believing a voluntary association is a life long prison (much like the Roach Motel.)  And how did they do this? 

They all go out of their way to say what we want to hear.

Our political parties are no different.  In fact, the two party political system seems to rely on lies and propaganda.  How many propaganda spewing politicians like Marco Rubio will it take before America opens its eyes to the logs that float freely in our eyes?  Mr. Todd seems to fall into the category of the deceived when he makes this statement: 

“The administration should do what it has not done, and rip Morsi and the old MB guard for trying to set up majoritarian democracy and that runs roughshod over minority concerns,” says Gerecht. “We have little financial leverage here—except through the military. But we should use the bully pulpit. It may be a bit late, but better late than never. The administration needs to take Egyptian civil society seriously.”

Exactly where has Mr. Todd been these last five years.  Did he sleep through Fast and FuriousObamacare?  Bengahzi, IRS scandals, Tromping of the First AmendmentLoss of PrivacyGeneral governance through dictatorial fiat?  What other time did over a million people gather - peacefully - and the leadership of the country and the MSM either ignored them or attacked them?

Yes, there are lessons here for Egypt - ones they should learn and inwardly digest.  Hopefully, the first lesson is to watch what they do and not be seduced by what they say.  Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear should have seen this coming in Egypt.  There were enough reports that everyone should have known Morsi’s true allegiance was to the Muslim brotherhood.  Here in the states, the whitewash was on to cover up the real Muslim Brotherhood

Day after day we find this scenario played out like an eternally looped clip of Lucy pulling the football out from Charlie Brown.  People being seduced because we forget They all go out of their way to say what we want to hear.

Our willingness to be seduced is arrogance.  The price that was paid in Egypt was costly.  It will be most unfortunate if we allow the sting of the delusion to fade. 

Delusions are dangerousThey lull us into forgetting there really is such a thing as truth and actions have consequences in the world and in the Church. 

If the American people do not impress upon the leadership the need to open its eyes to the dictatorial role government has assumed, our republic will cease to be a land of laws governed by and for the people.  May the lessons of Egypt be taken to heart - around the globe.

They all go out of their way to say what we want to hear.

Make it the second most important thing you teach your children

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When are folks going to wake up a realize the world is in such a phase of disobedience to God that He is allowing us to have the desires of our hearts; that those who “tickle our ears” with falsehoods will be believed?

Sheeple.  We are so pitiful…

[1] Posted by B. Hunter on 7-6-2013 at 10:34 AM · [top]

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