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August 30, 2013

Girl Guides UK Bows to Atheist Demands

We took Girl Scout cookies off our approved buying list a few years back. Admittedly,  Keebler adding a Thin Mint version to their lineup helped my husband make the adjustment.  tongue laugh Girl Guides UK seem to be on the same liberal path their U.S. counterparts, Girl Scouts, have been on for several years.  They are capitulating to a complaint by an atheist that their oath “denies” them the ability to participate in the organization. 

The organisation announced earlier this year that it is to replace its traditional pledge with a new wording, removing references to “God” and “country”.

In one of the biggest changes in its 103-year history, the promise to “love my God” is to be scrapped and replaced with a pledge to “be true to myself” and to “develop my beliefs”.

The group’s patriotic commitment to serving their country is also to be changed to a pledge of allegiance to the “community” in the new promise which comes into force on September 1.

Anyone think the atheists are willing to change anything about their groups to avoid offending Christians? 

Chief Guide Gill Slocombe said: “We appreciate that for some it is going to take time to make the adjustment.

“Whilst all leaders will need to accept this change as we go forward, we will be talking with leaders who are anxious and working with them to help resolve any difficulties. We sincerely hope it won’t be necessary for anybody to leave the organisation.”

Liberals always take the same path, YOU must change.  YOU must adjust. 

There is a way to beat them at their game.  All it will take is the parents having the courage of their convictions and realizing they are not alone. Defy their requirement to use the new oath and make the parent organization take the Deflate their hope and leave the organization in droves.  If an alternative organization doesn’t exist - start one.  Don’t assume all the parents are aware of the change.  Call them or invite them over for tea.  And remember - don’t buy their cookies!

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From what I understand, there are alternative scouting organizations being developed for girls and boys. Best of luck to them.

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