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October 11, 2013

Man is Born to Trouble

Good stuff from Anne

And it occurred to me, in all the rushing around to bring Solomon in on David’s donkey and anoint him with oil, that man is indeed born to trouble as the sparks fly upward and that that trouble usually goes on until the point of death.

We don’t like this, in our day of glorious and comfortable retirement opportunities. We work hard, but then we’re supposed to have a fun rest where we travel, maybe, and do all the stuff we didn’t have time for when we were working and shoving kids through to adulthood. But so often it doesn’t pan out that way. Some find themselves raising grand children or dealing with catastrophic illness in themselves or others. And many, now a days, carry on working long after they expected to. I, obviously shouldn’t be thinking about retirement (although it has replaced My Wedding as my go to day dream) but in my day to day troubles, I seem to get one solution carefully and neatly tucked away only to discover thirty more are jangling their way in to ruin my plans.

And at every moment along the way the precarious cliff of devastation or failure seems if not imminent, than at least on the near horizon. I mean, for heaven’s sake, God promised David that he would establish his throne forever but that throne was constantly under temporal threat. Every time David had a few minutes to get comfortable, someone would plot to wreck it all, even at the very last moment when he should have time to just die quietly in peace.

The idea that God has everything in hand, that all the threats to our lives and success are within his control and will not overwhelm us because he has promised not to let them, doesn’t usually suffice to deter total panic when things get hard or appear to go ‘wrong’. It’s only afterward that you look back and see, Oh! He had already accounted for this and provided a way out. That’s why looking back is so important, to build a more and more solid reserve against panic…more

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