March 24, 2017

July 25, 2009

A Note About Commenting Policy: [Bannings Without Warnings Coming Soon To A Thread Near You]


Everyone who has been commenting any length of time here is well aware that we don’t allow comments exhorting people to leave TEC or stay in TEC, nor do we allow comments castigating either decision.

Certain commenters persist in those comments with all the fervor of one with an obsessive compulsive disorder. 

But people don’t want to participate in a blog where they are repeatedly told what to do [affirm our decisions which we made by making the same decision yourself] or castigated for their decisions.  And since we actually do want traditional Anglicans who are remaining in TEC to participate in StandFirm as a blog, those sorts of comments are out of bounds.  Furthermore, such comments end up taking the original post off-topic as warring commenters skirmish about whether people must or must not leave TEC, and about people’s motives for leaving or staying in.

It may be that certain people who have left TEC believe that traditional Anglicans who are remaining within TEC should not participate in StandFirm.  And I personally have wondered if we will ultimately need two separate blogs, one for those who have chosen to remain within TEC, and one for those who have chosen to leave TEC.  We urge those with the compulsion to tell others to leave TEC or castigate those staying in TEC to launch forth and create your own blog, in that entrepreneurial fashion for which America is so well known, so that the masses can come to your blog to support and hear that message.  One wonders why such a blog with so inspiring a message has not been created already.

But for ourselves, we are so determined to have a blog with a larger message and a varied and, shall we say, somewhat larger audience, that we will begin immediately banning without warning those who violate this well-known and long-standing commenting policy.

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