March 31, 2015

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The Drunken Joy Ride of Emotion

Our desires and emotions are to be treated with extreme skepticism. Do not lead with them. I am not at all saying “don’t feel them” or “all emotional experience is bad.” Not at all. This is not Vulcan Christianity or stoicism.

Islamic Atrocities, the “Narrative of Redemption” and Christmas

The events in Sydney over the last 24 hours have not ruined Christmas. Nothing can ruin Christmas - for the coming of Jesus into the World is greater than any other event. If anything, the deaths of 3 people in the Lindt Café only serves to demonstrate just how wonderful and necessary Christmas is.

[Bumped For Very Obvious Reasons] 8.5 Things I Rejoice In This Post-Election Day

5) This isn’t the Episcopal Church. Our country is far juster, far more interested in the rule of law, far more stable, far more popular, far less vicious, and far more conservative. It is completely within our power as conservatives—with God’s help—to transform this country’s political landscape if we so choose. It will be very hard and very long. The next two years will be appallingly painful. Every week or month, we’ll be reminded of the judgement of God—and our challenge will be not to get angry, or despairing, or inactive, but rather to humble ourselves all over again, repent, acknowledge the horrible consequences of our compromises, corruption, passivity, and loss of principle, and continue turning away from the wrong path and seeking the right one.

Restarting the Game: Archbishop Welby Attempts To Hit The Reset Button

It’s not a question of “how will the Communion divide”—that division, albeit internal, has already occurred.  The further question is not “how can we all live together in the midst of our profound disagreements” but is rather “what is to be done with the Provinces which have engaged in intrinsically communion-dividing actions?”

Got Ice Water?

The idea that we shouldn’t be able to indulge in something silly like the ice-water challenge because millions of African children are dying of thirst, says nothing about the wastefulness of Americans, and everything about the utter inability of Africa to take care of itself.

The utilitarian unity of burning at the stake and abortion

The Church thought it was sparing heretics eternal torment by burning them at the stake.  Abortionists tell us they are sparing people from miserable earthly lives.  Both ways, “It’s for their own good.”

Truro Rebirth Credited to Relationship Between the Rev. Baucum and Bishop Johnston


After more than ten years on the front lines of the Anglican wars, I have made a major change. This past Easter vigil, my family and I were confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church.

Is the Creed “the” Sufficient Standard of Orthodoxy?

The Creeds themselves, then, require obedience to Jesus Christ as the One Lord over all things. To profess the Creed but reject the word of God as revealed in the scriptures regarding marriage and sexuality is incoherent.

Stand Firm is 10 Years Old Today

In true Tom Sawyer fence-whitewashing style, I have minions who keep the site humming, while I sit in the shade chewing a blade of grass and complimenting them on their fine efforts.

Three Excuses for Bishop Salmon’s Inexcusable Invitation

Can you imagine what Paul might say to this kind of hair splitting? The Galatians respond to Paul’s letter: “Dear Paul, you wrote that the Judaizers are accursed and eternally condemned and that we ought not to listen to them because they teach a gospel that damns…but how about we let them preach to our pastors in training?

60 Theses on Real Integrity in the Anglican Church

The refusal to affirm a truth (particularly when it is a truth about God) is often just another way of denying it, but without taking responsibility for your denial. This is therefore a double dishonesty which only compounds the deceit.

“How am I gonna be an optimist about this?”

A modern city provides the visual for words evoking the historic catastrophe.  It can happen again, and that isn’t just a function of natural cycles.  There are moral and even supernatural forces in play.  There’s always a sense that Pompeii had it coming.  It’s like Sodom and Gomorrah for folks who don’t want to admit to that Old Testament God stuff.

A Declaration of Principles for Reconciliation

There are only two words to be spoken to false teachers: “repent” and “recant” along with the assurance that forgiveness and warm welcome await those who heed the call. We will not take part in the indaba process which results only in providing false teachings and false teachers with equal footing and equal voice alongside the teachings of Christ through his apostles

BREAKING: Welby names Tory Baucum as “Canterbury Preacher”

At Stand Firm we suspect there may be some who will question Tory’s “commitment to the present day reformation” given his willingness to affirm Johnston’s ministry. It will be viewed by them as a compromised commitment.

Walking and Talking

Let it be a small reminder of how hostile the world is to the Gospel, and a small reminder of what you’ve signed up for when you agreed to take up your cross. The world - in this case represented by gay activists and the media who kowtow to them - hates you. They hate your family, they hate your values, and they especially hate this Jesus.

Night Thoughts Away from Home during Christmas Season

I share readily in the town’s festive mood, smiling at perfect strangers and wishing them all “Merry Christmas.” What is it about Christmas that brings out the best in friends and strangers alike?

The Week

You Can’t Lock Evil Out of the Cockpit

One of the fascinating byproducts of the GermanWings tragedy that unfolded last week is the effort by governments and civil aviation authorities to seek to mitigate against such an event happening again. Current…

Morons on Parade, Episcopal Edition

2 Via the Underground Pewster comes this Facebook post from the Episcopal Bishop of Upper South Carolina, Andrew Waldo. Evidently defending the First Amendment religious freedom of all Americans is…

Morons on Parade (UPDATED)

11 You may have heard that the state of Indiana has attacked the foundation of Western Civilization, which is the right of gays to demand wedding cakes of Christian bakers. On Thursday, Gov. Mike Pence signed…

The Church’s Finances (I): Not as Rosy as Claimed

11 The Executive Council of the Episcopal Church (USA) has commended the staff at Church headquarters (815 Second Avenue in New York) for producing an operating “surplus” of some $2.4 million for calendar 2014.  A…

You know that abortion/capital punishment symmetry argument? UPDATED

13 One of the litmus test questions flung like grenades from the conservative and liberal trenches is, “So, you’re against (legal abortion) (the death penalty)? Then you must be against (the death penalty) (legal abortion).”  It…

Schori: Mormons Are Christians, Too

20 I hadn’t looked in on Chris Johnson in a while, and that was a mistake. He found something I’d missed, which is that the TEC Presiding Bishop…

Taxidermy or Truth?

12 City Church, the largest (now former) evangelical congregation in San Francisco, will no longer require members who experience same sex attraction to commit to celibacy. The explanatory letter written…

Anglican Future Conference - Interview with Ashley Null

1 This afternoon I sat down with Ashley Null, who is giving the keynote addresses here at the Anglican Future Conference. Ashley and I talked about his current research and Cranmer’s theology as understood in the…

Anglican Future Conference - Interview with Archbishop Eliud Wabukala of Kenya

This morning I sat down with Archbishop Elidu Wabukala; Primate of Kenya and Chair of the GAFCON Primates’ Council. We talked about his role, his Christian upbringing, the GAFCON movement and issues around the Anglican…

Strait Jacket Required

7 Behold the future leaders of Western civilization, British chapter. The following tweets are from something called the National Union of Students Women’s Campaign. They are from some kind…

[Oz & NZ] Anglican Future Conference Begins

3 This year’s Anglican Future Conference for Australia and New Zealand has begun in Melbourne as a joint venture between the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) and the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA) Australia.…

Tyranny in Vestments

20 The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things: Of shoes, and ships, and sealing -wax; of cabbages, and kings. Yes, indeed—“of cabbages and kings.” The thing you need to know…

Smoking while pregnant and 2 + 2 = whatever

5 It is all over the news and the internet.  Ultrasound scans reveal babies in the womb reacting negatively to their mothers smoking cigarettes. The madness…

Meet the PCUSA’s Spong (UPDATED)

26 Today is apparently PCUSA Undermining Christianity Day. First comes the news about the official repudiation of Scripture and 2000 years of Christian history on sexuality. Then I came across this item from the Patheos blog…

PCUSA Repudiation of Christian Marriage Official

31 The Presbyterian Church (USA) has made it official: it has embraced the Zeitgeist, and told God it’s time He got with the program: The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has expanded its definition…

Recent Comments

dwstroudmd+ - Morons on Parade, Episcopal Edition

” We will not stand for this.” NO Surprise there, really.  What does he stand for?

Nikolaus - Morons on Parade, Episcopal Edition

“Ignorant. Defamatory. Deeply despicable. So typical of the leadership of the Episcopal Church these days.” Can I get an amen?  AMEN!!!! It seems to me that the radical leftists (yes, it’s redundant) would put us…

dharris01 - Schori: Mormons Are Christians, Too

I believe that the biggest problem with Ms. Schori is that she believes that the Good News (Gospel) is “in word and deed, seeking and serving Christ in everybody, striving for justice and peace, and…

the virginian - Morons on Parade (UPDATED)

Apple CEO Tim Cook penned an op-ed piece in today’s Washington Post opposing Indiana’s new law. In my opinion, he fails to make his case. The piece has drawn more than 5,000 comments so far…

Peter Brown - The Church's Finances (I): Not as Rosy as Claimed

(#4) Reason #1: same reason Willie Sutton robbed banks.  That’s where the money is.  (And government grants are even legal .) Reason #2: the Episcopal church has always, in my memory (back to the ‘60’s),…

Undergroundpewster - Morons on Parade (UPDATED)

This whole news flap is a good example of how emotions and lack of research (dare I say ignorance) can create a tidal wave of public opinion in a very short period of time.

KarenR - You know that abortion/capital punishment symmetry argument? UPDATED

I agree with Katherine. One can logically oppose abortion and support capital punishment and logically oppose both but not logically support abortion and oppose capital punishment. I agree with Robert George that capital punishment is…

DaveW - Morons on Parade (UPDATED)

This article helps explain the LGBTs’ tunnel vision.  As soon as this news story was released, they envision jackbooted Right Wing Gestapo battalions roaming the streets killing gays on sight.  They immediately take it for…

meh130 - Taxidermy or Truth?

The problem I see is these “churches” push the idea of of monogamous, committed homosexual relationships has being equivalent to monogamous, committed heterosexual relationships. However, committed monogamy is a heteronormative and cisnormative concept. If you…

Katherine - Morons on Parade (UPDATED)

I read on the Daily Mail (so it must be true, right?) that Angie’s List is putting a multimillion dollar headquarters building project in Indianapolis on hold because of the “controversial” law, which is like…

Paul Powers - Morons on Parade (UPDATED)

tjmcmahon, the petition isn’t to bar the University of Indiana from NCAA a competition. It’s for the NCAA to move its national headquarters from Indianapolis.

Kay - Schori: Mormons Are Christians, Too

Jim the Puritan, No, it’s not just you. She makes my skin crawl, and I have as difficult a time looking at her picture as I did pics of Bill Clinton when he was cavorting…

RandomJoe - The Church's Finances (I): Not as Rosy as Claimed

Not to get to technical, but this is only a problem if its a cash-flow problem and in order to figure that out you need to look at their balance sheet (which I have not…

David Fischler - Morons on Parade (UPDATED)

Given the lameness of the piece in general, I was taken in by the Brewer quote. I will duly note that in the post. Thanks, A.S.

Sarah - [Oz & NZ] Anglican Future Conference Begins

What a fantastic event this seems like it was, David—thanks for the report.

A. S. Haley - Morons on Parade (UPDATED)

David, not to detract from your main point about the level of intelligence shown by the commentary against the Indiana statute, but Andy Borowitz makes his humor by making things up. Given my experience with…