October 13, 2015


On Valorizing Gay Marriage: A Response to Wesley Hill

A better approach is for us to caution as brothers and sisters in the Lord: We appreciate your faithfulness to Christ in abstaining from sexual immorality and your service of the church through your writings. Yet we are concerned that elements of an un-renewed, fleshly mentality permeate some of your thinking about “gay coupling.”

The Episcopal Church: Undermining the USA from Within (and Betraying Christians)

The Episcopal Church is complicit in a Government program to bring in Muslim refugees from Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, because the Government pays it for them—but its largesse does not extend to Christian refugees.

[Bumped] Promises, Promises: What Now for the Loyal Opposition in Mississippi?

The Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi is on an irreversible path toward full-on celebration and normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism, and any other deviant sexual cause that becomes fashionable among the theological leftists who run the diocese.

Can Rolling Stone get us past the UVA rape of faith to the historical UVA rape?

I harp on Rolling Stone’s UVA rape myth because the irony of an Easter retraction is just too rich.  Journalists used the Christian celebration, one they flippantly discount as myth, as cover for their own lying.  But it’s just one example.

The Drunken Joy Ride of Emotion

Our desires and emotions are to be treated with extreme skepticism. Do not lead with them. I am not at all saying “don’t feel them” or “all emotional experience is bad.” Not at all. This is not Vulcan Christianity or stoicism.

Islamic Atrocities, the “Narrative of Redemption” and Christmas

The events in Sydney over the last 24 hours have not ruined Christmas. Nothing can ruin Christmas - for the coming of Jesus into the World is greater than any other event. If anything, the deaths of 3 people in the Lindt Café only serves to demonstrate just how wonderful and necessary Christmas is.

[Bumped For Very Obvious Reasons] 8.5 Things I Rejoice In This Post-Election Day

5) This isn’t the Episcopal Church. Our country is far juster, far more interested in the rule of law, far more stable, far more popular, far less vicious, and far more conservative. It is completely within our power as conservatives—with God’s help—to transform this country’s political landscape if we so choose. It will be very hard and very long. The next two years will be appallingly painful. Every week or month, we’ll be reminded of the judgement of God—and our challenge will be not to get angry, or despairing, or inactive, but rather to humble ourselves all over again, repent, acknowledge the horrible consequences of our compromises, corruption, passivity, and loss of principle, and continue turning away from the wrong path and seeking the right one.

Restarting the Game: Archbishop Welby Attempts To Hit The Reset Button

It’s not a question of “how will the Communion divide”—that division, albeit internal, has already occurred.  The further question is not “how can we all live together in the midst of our profound disagreements” but is rather “what is to be done with the Provinces which have engaged in intrinsically communion-dividing actions?”

Got Ice Water?

The idea that we shouldn’t be able to indulge in something silly like the ice-water challenge because millions of African children are dying of thirst, says nothing about the wastefulness of Americans, and everything about the utter inability of Africa to take care of itself.

The utilitarian unity of burning at the stake and abortion

The Church thought it was sparing heretics eternal torment by burning them at the stake.  Abortionists tell us they are sparing people from miserable earthly lives.  Both ways, “It’s for their own good.”

Truro Rebirth Credited to Relationship Between the Rev. Baucum and Bishop Johnston


After more than ten years on the front lines of the Anglican wars, I have made a major change. This past Easter vigil, my family and I were confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church.

Is the Creed “the” Sufficient Standard of Orthodoxy?

The Creeds themselves, then, require obedience to Jesus Christ as the One Lord over all things. To profess the Creed but reject the word of God as revealed in the scriptures regarding marriage and sexuality is incoherent.

Stand Firm is 10 Years Old Today

In true Tom Sawyer fence-whitewashing style, I have minions who keep the site humming, while I sit in the shade chewing a blade of grass and complimenting them on their fine efforts.

Three Excuses for Bishop Salmon’s Inexcusable Invitation

Can you imagine what Paul might say to this kind of hair splitting? The Galatians respond to Paul’s letter: “Dear Paul, you wrote that the Judaizers are accursed and eternally condemned and that we ought not to listen to them because they teach a gospel that damns…but how about we let them preach to our pastors in training?

60 Theses on Real Integrity in the Anglican Church

The refusal to affirm a truth (particularly when it is a truth about God) is often just another way of denying it, but without taking responsibility for your denial. This is therefore a double dishonesty which only compounds the deceit.

“How am I gonna be an optimist about this?”

A modern city provides the visual for words evoking the historic catastrophe.  It can happen again, and that isn’t just a function of natural cycles.  There are moral and even supernatural forces in play.  There’s always a sense that Pompeii had it coming.  It’s like Sodom and Gomorrah for folks who don’t want to admit to that Old Testament God stuff.

The Week

Sydney Archbishop Glenn Davies Calls Christians to Gracious Engagement in Marriage Debate

3 Yesterday marked the start of the Sydney Diocese Synod. In his presidential address [pdf] (video available here) Archbishop Glenn Davies covered a range of areas, including our combined reponse to the…

Can We Call Them Anti-Semitic Yet? (UPDATED)

12 The New York Times, in its never-ending quest for…something, has decided to indulge the anti-historical fantasies of Palestinians who want to claim the land of Israel for themselves. With the same regard for truth and…

Sierra Club President Unable to Articulate Original Thought

6 Even if Ted Cruz is not your guy in the upcoming presidential race, it is really difficult not to admire him for his sharp mind.  Watch him make mince meat of the Sierra Club president.…

Rain, Rain - Go Away

5 My beloved South Carolina has seen a fair bit of rain in the past week.  Residing in Louisiana has helped temper my anxiety about my loved ones in the Low Country

Derailed Theology Leads to Train Wreck

9 Truth.  Funny thing about truth.  It stands alone.  It needs no one to wake up in the morning and affirm it.  Belief or unbelief in truth is not necessary for it to still be…

Bishop in Sweden Proposes Church Remove all Christian Symbols to Create Space for Muslims

13 Did you even blink at the headline?  Remember the good old days when we would have naively thought it was an article from The…

Facebook CEO Conspires with German Chancellor to Censor Criticism of Refugee Crisis

This is likely old news to most of our readers as the MSM is all over it.  Not. During a Saturday luncheon on the sidelines of a United Nations…

Settled Science Group Under Investigation

3 If you saw the call from the “settled science” group to jail so-called “climate skeptics”, you may be interested to follow the

Forget the Zeroes, Remember the Heroes

3 The Daily Beast is not exactly my go to spot for news but they ran a

Religious Left Supports Moloch (What a Surprise!)

3 The Usual Suspects on the religious left have come out to endorse the Church of Moloch, and demand that the federal government continue its funding of the religious establishment known as Planned Parenthood. The statement…

Is Obama Warning Christians GLBT “Rights” Outweigh Religious Freedom

12 “We affirm that we cherish our religious freedom and are profoundly respectful of religious traditions,” he insisted during a dramatic speech at a LGTB fundraiser in New York City on Sunday night, praising the progress…

Book Review: raised forever: Jesus’ Resurrection and ours by Rory Shiner

Some things are crystal-clear, but until you actually see them for what they are you would never know. Take for example, something blatantly obvious like the fact that…

Blatant Bias on Display in ECUSA’s South Carolina Case

40 Before the oral arguments yesterday in The Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South Carolina v. Episcopal Church in the Supreme Court of South Carolina, your Curmudgeon had heard mention of the…

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

10 If you have followed the overly gushing press today, you know that the newest version of Pope has issued his decrees in DC.  Illegal immigation is good.  You must do…

On the Oral Arguments Yesterday in South Carolina

4 Your Curmudgeon watched the arguments in the case of Bishop Lawrence and his diocese and parishes against the Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Church in South Carolina yesterday, and reviewed the tape carefully…

Recent Comments

Pb - Sydney Archbishop Glenn Davies Calls Christians to Gracious Engagement in Marriage Debate

I recently attended a church in the Diocese of Atlanta. At the conclusion of the scripture reading, the lector said “Hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.” They did not even claim that…

Undergroundpewster - Sydney Archbishop Glenn Davies Calls Christians to Gracious Engagement in Marriage Debate

“The antagonism of the world to the Word of God is perhaps seen nowhere more acutely than in the virulent challenge to the definition of marriage which pervades conversations in”... The Church itself!

J Eppinga - Sydney Archbishop Glenn Davies Calls Christians to Gracious Engagement in Marriage Debate

The interesting stuff starts at ~15:00.

J Eppinga - Sierra Club President Unable to Articulate Original Thought

Cruz uses two rhetorical questions to tease out the problem.  I have yet to meet a single skeptic who will claim that they would refuse to walk back their assertions if presented with adequate evidence…

Pb - Can We Call Them Anti-Semitic Yet? (UPDATED)

No wonder the president does not like Israel. He had another mentor who, in addition to being a professor, was a representative of the Palestinian Authority.

Katherine - Can We Call Them Anti-Semitic Yet? (UPDATED)

Because I don’t haunt those circles I hadn’t heard this nonsense.  Of great concern is that people in high places in our government have hung out in such circles and have heard this drivel from…

SC blu cat lady - Rain, Rain - Go Away

One thing needs to be remembered. That is .... it rained a lot the week before as well as last weekend. So the ground was close to being saturated in places and hence the rainfall…

David Fischler - Can We Call Them Anti-Semitic Yet? (UPDATED)

The Khazar fallacy is popular in anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi, and certain Muslim circles. I can’t say I’m surprised to hear that kind of drivel, even if only obliquely, from the likes of Wright.

Katherine - Can We Call Them Anti-Semitic Yet? (UPDATED)

This article is quite fascinating.  DNA studies indicate that Jewish populations varying widely in geographic and cultural ways are related to each other as, say, fourth or fifth cousins, and in general they share genetic…

Katherine - Can We Call Them Anti-Semitic Yet? (UPDATED)

I don’t keep up on wild theories, evidently, David.  There certainly were converts to Judaism in the New Testament era, and no reason not to think there were later conversions.  A second cousin of mine,…

Christopher Johnson - Can We Call Them Anti-Semitic Yet? (UPDATED)

And not even all of those Central Asians, David.  The Khazar ruling class may have converted but the rest of the Khazar people were pretty much left alone.  There were Christian, Muslim and Jewish Khazars.

David Fischler - Can We Call Them Anti-Semitic Yet? (UPDATED)

Katherine, Wright would be relying, I believe, on the Khazar fallacy–the idea that modern Jews, at least those with European backgrounds, are descendants of a Central Asian people who converted to Judaism in the 8th…

Katherine - Can We Call Them Anti-Semitic Yet? (UPDATED)

Oh, #4.  That “son of David” stuff was all imaginary.  I see.

James Manley - Can We Call Them Anti-Semitic Yet? (UPDATED)

Katherine, It is even worse than that.  Wright is saying that Jesus was a “real” Jew and that today’s Jews are imposters and not true Jews.  It’s standard anti-semitic claptrap that goes back centuries.

Just a Baptist - Can We Call Them Anti-Semitic Yet? (UPDATED)

As I understand the argument, this fairly large 1st Century stone wall does not constitute evidence, but we are asked to accept the story of a winged donkey flying 1500 miles in one night. I…

Katherine - Can We Call Them Anti-Semitic Yet? (UPDATED)

Wright is quoted as saying “Europeans” came and took the land going back to the Book of Judges.  Who knew the Exodus was out of Europe, not Egypt?  Keep in mind that Wright is cited…