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Texas Supreme Court Denies ECUSA’s Motion for Stay / Recall

4-18-2014 · Today, the Texas Supreme Court issued an order denying ECUSA’s motion for a stay or recall of its mandate pending ECUSA’s request to the United States Supreme Court to…

A Reminder: Understanding Good Friday in Context

4-18-2014 · For Good Friday 2011, I put up this post analyzing the differences between the Gospel of John and the Synoptic Gospels in dating the Last Supper and Jesus’ crucifixion.…

New Blogroll Added: Eastern Orthodox

4-18-2014 · We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added a new Eastern Orthodox blogroll to the site. It’s available in the menu up top. Have a look!

From Missiles to Sleeping Bags

4-17-2014 · I have it on the best of authority that among the “non-lethal” aid being sent by the US to the Ukraine will be pails & shovels so the Ukraine…

Thoughts on veiled crosses

4-16-2014 · Some of you veiled your church’s crosses at the start of Lent.  Others waited until Holy Week.  Or maybe it’s not a custom where you are. I muse on the practice from time to time. …

But I don’t want all that doom and gloom with my Easter!

4-15-2014 · It’s Holy Week, the annual boycott of our bittersweet Thursday and grim Friday en route to the happy clappy pop concert of Easter.

Dr. Al Mohler: “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife and the State of Modern Scholarship”

4-14-2014 · Dr. Al Mohler once again gives us clear, concise information on heresy and points the finger at the real culprit - poor scholarship.  One can find an

Without Penal Substitution there is Despair in Morality

4-13-2014 · Doug Wilson nails the issue, I want to spend a few moments on why the penal substitution of Christ is the only possible ground of human happiness. My point is not to defend…

The House of Lords: “It is a Silly Place”

4-12-2014 · I know that all of you are intensely aware of and concerned about your carbon footprint. Did you realize, however, that methane is actually a far bigger threat to the planet? Evidently there is a…

Archbishop Welby Struggles with a Greater Truth

4-11-2014 · As the Anglican Curmudgeon, it behooves me now and then to comment upon matters Anglican. And just now, there is a tempest in the Anglican teapot which I have refrained from noticing, because after all,…

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