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Abortionists Find Judge to Ignore First Amendment

7-31-2015 · According to the AP minutes ago, the National Baby Butchering Association has found a California judge willing to suspend the First Amendment and run afoul of who-knows-how-many Supreme Court rulings…

Denmark, Standing for What’s Truly Important

7-31-2015 · Time magazine (yeah, it’s still published) has this story on its web site this morning: Denmark enacted a sweeping ban on the religious slaughter of animals in 2014, prompting a furious backlash from…

Newest From CMP: “It’s a Boy!”

7-30-2015 · Oh, boy, it looks like Planned Parenthood has really stepped in it this time. From the Center for Medical Progress: New undercover footage shows Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’…

The Empire Strikes Back With Judicial Collaboration (UPDATED)

7-30-2015 · A California court has injected itself into the fight to save Planned Parenthood from its own depredations. He has ordered the Center for Medical Progress to cease telling the truth:…

Nothing New under the Sun

7-29-2015 · With the heresies of the Episcopal Church (USA) still freshly assaulting my mind, I happened across this wisdom from 140 years ago:

Pay Day Lenders From Atlanta Send Fake “Christian” Ministry to Harass South Dakotans

7-28-2015 · I’m going to give you the entire text of a Facebook status by Steve Hildebrand.  Steve is a founder and leader of

The Empire of Death Strikes Back

7-27-2015 · Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards, having no way to defend what her organization does, has decided that ad hominem attacks on the Center for Medical Progress will have to do.

SJW Seeks to Ban Humor

7-27-2015 · “SJW,” for those not up on current political lingo, is short for “social justice warrior.” It denotes the sort of left-wing activist type who is determined to destroy everything they view as wrong, offensive, inconvenient,…

How Much is Planned Parenthood Costing You?

7-27-2015 · We already know that the most innocent among us pay the highest cost for abortion.  Now you can determine what it is costing you financially. In case you are wondering,…

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